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The Stardust Kit™: How It Works

Your skin is a galaxy of thousands of bacteria that are all striving for balance to make your skin glow. Everything you put on your skin impacts this micro-ecosystem and reflects how healthy it is.

The Stardust Kit™ will allow you to test your skin before and after you use a new product, to track any changes on your face. Using your skin micro-ecosystem, we can link your new products to changes on your skin, before you even see improvements in the mirror. This information allows you to make smarter skincare purchases, so you don’t waste time and money on products that won’t get you to your skin goals. Now that’s a big bang theory.


PART 1: Set your baselines and use your products

We’ll send you a kit with fuzzy swabs. Feels like a massage.

Rub it on your face to collect your skin sample and ship it to us. Our lab will analyze your skin and send you a baseline profile.

Use your new product, treat yourself!

PART 2: After a few weeks of using your new product, it’s time to test your skin again. Swab your skin and learn what products are working.

Use your fuzzy swab to capture your post-product skin.

Ship that sample to us and we’ll analyze your skin’s ecosystem.

You’ll get a detailed report about how your new products are affecting your skin and if they’re meeting your skin goals. You’ll know if you should avoid products like these in the future or if you’re on the right track!

Pre-orders available until September 1st. Get yours now.



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